BLDC Controller 48V 72V 220A 10KW recuperation reverse

BLDC Controller 48V 72V 220A 10KW recuperation reverse

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Item name:
BLDC Controller 48V/72V, up to 220A, 10KW, recuperation regenerative braking, reverse


Jinan Keya Electronic Co., Ltd


Model/type & pictures::


BLDC Controller 200A 48V


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Performance data:


working voltage

power range

continuous current

rated current


~ 48V DC (42 – 61V)

<= 2KW


200A (max. 1 min)


~ 48V DC (42 – 61V)

<= 5KW


300A (max. 1 min)


~ 48V DC (42 – 61V)

<= 6KW


400A (max. 1 min)


~ 48V DC (42 – 61V)

<= 7KW


500A (max. 1 min)


~ 72V DC (62 – 92V)

<= 10KW


400A (max. 0,5 min)

frequency of operation

16,6 kHz

motor phases

3, for brushless motors with hall sensors

hall position sensor

60° and 120° configurable


approx. 1,3 - 4,0 KGs


External dimensions:

housing length

17,2 cm

housing width

14,6 cm


6,2 cm


Further attributes::
- usuable for brushless(BLDC) 3-pole motor with hall sensors
- 3-phase
- recuperation = regenerative braking energy
- electric engine brake
- reverse function = for- & backward, right + left turning, infinitely
- regulation with hall regulator or potentiometer
- Softstart & Softstop 0,2 – 20 sec
- Status LEDs
- overvoltage or undervoltage protection
- overheating protection
- CAN-Bus
- programmable over RS232 interface (MS Windows API)
- up to 60,000 elektric rpm
- mounting holes
- CE & CCC certified
- housing material: aluminium
- legal warranty: 24 month



Delivery contains the controller, both round 14pins plug J1+J2, fuse set and user manual.


Areas of applications:
This 4 Quadrant reversible controller with regenerative motor braking function (=eddy current brake / hysteresis brake) is suitable e. g. for e-scooter, tricycle, quad bike, electric quad bike, rickshaw, trishaw, Velotaxi, park railway, ,go-cart, electric car, e-car, mini car, city car, golf cart, model making, miniature making, theater engineering, stage engineering, industry, machines... .
This regenerative recuperation regulator manages the infinitely speed of electric DC motor, switches the motor's turning direction forward and reward and uses electric braking, what brings energy back to the batteries / accus.
This controller is programmable (soft-start, soft-stop, max. rpm / max. speed...)

Available accessories:
BLDC Motor, lead acid battery, charger, throttle, pedal, relay, switch ...

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